Police forces team up to tackle online child abuse

Police forces across the east are teaming up with a child protection charity to tackle internet child abuse.

Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire have all signed up to the 'Operation NetSafe' initiative which is aiming to raise awareness of the consequences of looking at indecent images of children.

It is thought that around 100,000 people across the country regularly look at illegal pictures online. Norfolk's Chief Constable has led the initiative.

We are actively encouraging those men, and it is predominantly men that are viewing indecent images of children, to understand what they are doing when they view images of children. And it is the re-abuse of everyone of those victims. And to encourage them to get in contact with the Lucy Faith or Stop It Now campaign to recognise the damage that they're doing and to encourage them to seek help.

– Chief Constable Simon Bailey Norfolk Police