Grass snake 'not a happy chap' after getting caught in netting

The tangled grass snake found in Suffolk. Credit: RSPCA.

A grass snake had to be rescued after getting tangled in netting above a pond in Suffolk.

The RSPCA was called out after the 3ft-long reptile was spotted thrashing about in Chillesford earlier this month.

Inspector Natalie Bartle cut him out and let him swim away.

"The grass snake was not a happy chap when I arrived to free him. Snakes are naturally shy and reserved so to be exposed like that and unable to free himself was obviously really stressing him out.

"At this time of year when the weather gets warmer, snakes like grass snakes and adders will head to damp, cool places like ponds to manage their internal temperature, but of course they can get tangled up as in this case."

– Natalie Bartle, RSPCA inspector.

She urged families to replace their garden netting with solid metal mesh which is considered safer for wildlife.