Cleaning up dropped litter costs MK £300,000 a year

  • Video report by ITV News Anglia's Helen Keenan

People in Milton Keynes are being urged not to drop litter in the town's parks.

It comes after a charity revealed more than £300,000 is spent a year to clean up rubbish.

The amount of litter picked up by the park rangers and volunteers increased by 35% in the last year.

Rob Riekie, from The Parks Trust, said: "As you can see a dropped crisp packet here or a drinks bottle there adds up, and really does have a huge impact on the parks - both in terms of how they look to other users and how much we can spend on managing and improving them.

"What people often forget is that we are a self-financing charity not funded by the council tax or government. Every penny we spend has to be found from the money we earn from our activities and from our investments."