Police shooting inquest

An inquest in Peterborough is investigating the circumstances of the death of Richard Davies who was shot by armed police in St Neots in October 2015.

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Officers tell inquest how they were shot at several times

Richard Davies Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

A man who took his three children hostage at St Neots in Cambridgeshire shot at firearms officers and goaded them before he was shot dead by police, an inquest heard.

Father-of-three Richard Davies had learned his marriage was over, spent the day drinking, then tied up his children when armed police were called to his home.

A firearms officer, referred to as F7, told Friday's hearing at Peterborough Town Hall that he heard a loud bang and saw a "muzzle flash" from a downstairs window as his police Audi Q7, crewed by him and a colleague, arrived at the property in Duck Lane, St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

"We both jumped out of our skin at that point," he said, adding: "It looked like it was coming towards our vehicle."

He said he and his colleague ducked for cover behind the Audi and Mr Davies fired two more shots from a downstairs window.

The scene at St Neots

After Mr Davies fired more shots the officers heard a report from a different gun. The inquest heard this was fired by officer I7.

Officer F7 said police broke down the door of the house and were inside within 60 seconds, trying to save Mr Davies's life.

They found him shirtless and bleeding from the shoulder on the property's landing, but he could not be saved and died of a single gunshot to the chest on October 21 2015.

The jury inquest continues.

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