Report: Mental health patients 'isolated from family'

The father of a teenager from Cambridgeshire who took his own life says more needs to be done to ensure mental health patients get the treatment they need closer to home.

Edward Mallen was killed when he laid down in front of a train at Meldreth near Cambridge in February 2015.

A CQC report has found that thousands of patients are spending too much time locked in rehabilitation wards up and down the country - meaning they're often isolated from friends and family.

When we look at many modern facilities, whilst standards have improved, and we've got nice curtains and nice wallpaper, at the end of the day, a lot of mental institutions in this country remain under lock and key with facilities that are hundreds of miles away from family and loved-ones.

That is something that cannot be allowed to sustain.

– Steve Mallen, The MindEd Trust