Travellers on school playing field have 24 hours to move on

The caravans at London Road in Clacton. Credit: Tendring District Council.

Travellers who pitched up on a school playing field just as children left to begin their summer holidays have been told they have 24 hours to leave.

Seven caravans and vehicles arrived at the site at London Road in Clacton on Friday afternoon. The land backs on to Whitehall Academy and Clacton Coastal Academy and is owned by Tendring District Council.

Complaints from people living nearby have been passed on to the Essex County Traveller Unit (Ectu) which is to issue a "direction to leave".

The notice gives them 24 hours to vacate the land. If they do not, Ectu will look at taking legal action to have them evicted.

"It is not possible for us to simply move them from the land and any landowner would have to do the same. "However, going down the correct route can take seven to ten days to get the result we want and that procedure has already started."

– Paul Honeywood, Tendring District Council.