Roger Hirst becomes country's first Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner

Roger Hirst Credit: Essex Police

Essex has the country’s first Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

Roger Hirst, was elected to become Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex in May 2016. He then took on his new role as the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex on the 1st of October.

He is the first PCC in the country to take on the governance of the fire and rescue service as well as the police. It mean's he'll be responsible for setting the strategy and budget of the fire service in Essex.

It is a great opportunity for Essex and means the public can really benefit from a better coordinated approach between the two services.

This isn’t going to be a revolution. A firefighter will remain a firefighter and a police constable will remain a police constable but there is a lot more we can do to align two services which are so important to the people of Essex. We can focus our efforts to work together on prevention and making sure we can do all that we can to keep vulnerable people in our county safe.”

– Roger Hirst