Two kittens die - two more ill after being dumped in Essex

The four kittens found dumped in Essex Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is appealing for information after four tiny kittens were found abandoned in a “filthy” cardboard box near Billericay in Essex.

The animal welfare charity was called by a man who found them abandoned outside a cattery in Oak Road, Crays Hill, last Wednesday night (27 September).

RSPCA officer Lucy Fackerell went to collect the kittens thought to be only four-weeks-old.

They’d been left in a filthy cardboard box with no blanket and nothing to keep them warm. They were freezing cold and covered in their own mess.

Staff at the cattery moved them inside to warm them up and cleaned them up before calling me.

Other than being very cold and frightened they seemed to be okay but did have swollen bellies which I suspected to be a result of untreated worms.

Sadly, the kittens all developed breathing problems and were really weak. They also had chronic diarrhoea and, tragically, two slipped away in their sleep.

The two remaining kittens are still very poorly and it’s touch and go whether they’ll make it. We’re just keeping everything crossed for these poor little things.

– Lucy Fackerell, RSPCA