Sheep stabbed to death on nature reserve

An investigation's underway after a sheep was killed with a knife Credit: The Parks Trust

An investigation is underway at a Milton Keynes park after a sheep was stabbed to death in a public nature reserve.

The animal's remains were found in Ouzel Valley Park, Woughton on the Green at the weekend.

The area is run by The Parks Trust, which looks after 6,000 acres of green space across Milton Keynes. Officials there say the attack is believed to have taken place during the afternoon or night-time of Sunday 5 th November

“We are all devastated by this malicious, disturbing attack on one of our sheep. The remains were discovered by a member of the public which was incredibly distressing for them, and for the members of our team who attended the scene. This has been reported to Thames Valley Police"

– Rob Riekie, The Parks Trust