Appeal to trace relatives of those who died in Second World War

A plaque to remember former police officers who died during the Second World War has been unveiled at Police Headquarters in Wymondham.

The plaque at Norfolk Police HQ Credit: Norfolk Police

Now the forces is asking relatives of those named on the plaque to come forward

"Without these brave men giving their lives, the world we live in today could be a completely different place. It is only right we recognise their efforts and remember them always in the form of these plaques. Some of the relatives of these heroes will be alive today and it is my intention to do my best to locate them and thank them for their ancestor's dedication and service."

– PC Steve Smith

PC Smith would like to invite any relatives to visit the plaque. He can be contacted via email at

Those named are:

  • PC Arnold Beever Hustler
  • PC Thomas Michael Foley
  • SC Douglas Watson
  • PC Harry Plumb
  • SC Charles Henry Purr
  • PC Kenneth Charles Chifney
  • PC Harry John Drake
  • PC Joseph Frederick Clarke
  • PC George Raine
  • PC Peter Dunbar Ivins
  • PC John Rice Colbron
  • PC Percy Leslie Moxey
  • PC Alfred Edward T Lockhart
  • PC Donald Henry Johnson
  • PC William Joseph King
  • PC Harry George Eggbeer
  • PC Robert Frederick Hudson
  • PC Donald Harry Howes
  • PC Robert Edwards Watts
  • PC John Matthew A Neale
  • PC Kenneth Gowing
Ceremony at Police Headquarters Credit: Norfolk Police