Finding water leaks: Ancient crafts v modern technology

The amount of water being lost through leaking pipes is on the increase.

Anglian Water say they're using the latest technology to track leaks down, while there are others like professional water diviner John Baker still using old fashioned methods

John Baker Credit: ITV Anglia
  • Overall leaks are up by 1.2% over the last year
  • Essex and Suffolk Water has seen leaks increase by 9.1%
  • Cambridge Water's leaks are up 8.2%
  • The average person uses 141 litres of water a day

"Let's face it nothing's cheaper than a pair of bent rods, it's not going to tax the water companies is it, put their profits in jeopardy."

– John Baker, Professional water diviner

John Baker admits he can't explain how his divining works. However Anglian Water says it only uses modern technology to find leaking pipes.

Technology Anglian Water uses to find leaks Credit: ITV Anglia

"Anglian Water doesn't use dowsing rods or divination, we don't issue them to our staff, we use scientific based technologies like listening sticks which are a stick which can hear leaks in water pipes and make a hissing noise, we also use digital versions and also thermal imaging drones to find leaks in our pipes."

– Sarah Dobson, Anglian Water