Biogas bus cutting emissions between Huntingdon and Cambridge

A biogas powered double-decker bus is being trialled on the Guided busway between Huntingdon and Cambridge.

It's hoped the bus can cut emissions by up-to 84 per-cent.

Biogas is created from waste products such as household food waste, farm waste and sewage.

Biogas bus Credit: RMG Photography

The six-week trial of a 'greener' Enviro 400 Scania double-decker began on November 1st.

The Scania model has been specifically developed for the UK bus market.

"The technology around biogas-powered buses is still very new, but trials of bio-methane gas have proved very encouraging, resulting in minimal emissions. Looking after the environment is an important consideration for us. We have frequent bus services running every 10 minutes, and so we are actively working at reducing our environmental impact wherever possible."

– Andy Campbell, Managing Director of Stagecoach East