Parents campaign for more children to get Meningitis vaccine after death of 6-year-old

The parents of a 6-year-old boy from Suffolk who died from meningitis are campaigning for older children to be vaccinated.

Oliver Hall died just 24 hours after contracting Meningitis B. Vaccines are available for babies and children up to a year old.

Now Oliver's parents want that extended and to increase awareness of the infection.

Oliver Hall Credit: Oliver's family

Georgie and Bryan Hall know this Christmas will be the most difficult, but say the memories of their son keep them strong.

One morning in October Oliver woke up feeling unwell. He went downhill quickly and his parents called paramedics and took him to the GP twice.

Eventually he was rushed him to hospital and diagnosed with Meningitis B. Four hours later he passed away.

Since 2015, vaccinations against meningitis B have been available for babies up to a year old on the NHS, but not for older children.

Vaccinations are available privately, but the government deems it 'not cost effective' to roll them out more widely.

Now Georgie and Bryan are campaigning to raise awareness of the disease and to encourage the government to roll out the vaccine to older children on the NHS.