Natalie Pearman murder: Five new 'persons of interest'

Police investigating the murder of 16-year-old Natalie Pearman have identified five new "persons of interest" 25 years after her death.

Natalie was working as a prostitute when she was found strangled to death in a lay-by at Ringland Hills near Norwich

Natalie Pearman

Samples are being taken from the five people who have been identified following appeals made a month ago on the anniversary of her death.

Over the last 25 years police officers have interviewed more than 4,000 people and taken samples from more than 680 men.

However, there hasn't been a DNA match to samples taken at the time, despite developments in forensic profiling.

“Following an anniversary appeal into the murder of Natalie Pearman, five new persons of interest have been identified. We are in the process of taking DNA samples from all men which will be run against DNA that was recovered from the crime scene. In total the appeal generated 45 calls into the enquiry team, including two sightings of Natalie which have been established as mistaken.”

– Norfolk Police