Northampton project providing food for those in need overwhelmed by response

Organisers of a project to provide food for needy people in Northampton say they've been overwhelmed by the response to their offer.

Queues forming before the project opened Credit: ITV Anglia

Tonnes of provisions provided by local supermarkets have been snapped up by those using Elsie's Cafe in the town's Brunswick Place.

Local people were drawn by the promise of good basic food available for whatever money they could afford to donate.

Even for the organisers it was an eye-opener into just how many people need a helping hand when it comes to providing for their families.

Collecting food at the project Credit: ITV Anglia

The scheme was able to offer bread, vegetables and other food.

In all over the New Year weekend they had three and a half tonnes donated by local supermarkets.

While the food was past its sell by date it was still within its its use by date. If the food hadn't been donated by the project it would have ended up in landfill sites.

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