Appeal after vandalism spree at a Peterborough Country Park

The backs of a number of benches have been removed by a saw Credit: ITV News Anglia

Staff and visitors to a Peterborough country park are appealing for help to catch whoever is responsible for a spate of vandalism which took place on Christmas Eve.

More than a dozen memorial benches and 26 trees were damaged at Ferry Meadows.

It's not the first time the park has seen this type of vandalism, similar damage was also caused in 2016 and earlier in 2017.

Staff say whoever is responsible has used tools to cut away sections of the benches, earning them the nick-name of 'the carpenter'.

Saplings were also targeted in the vandalism Credit: ITV News Anglia

"They're attacking the park benches, we're having saplings vandalised and literally being cut off, we've had bridges vandalised, we have safety rails each side of the bridges to stop members of the public going over. They've been cut, just removed. People who use the park are saddened."

– Greg Higby, Park Manager
Staff have repaired the fence which had been cut away. Credit: ITV News Anglia