No officers to be disciplined over Karl Brunner's death

None of the police officers involved in the arrest of Karl Brunner, who died after choking on a packet of drugs, will face disciplinary proceedings.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct made the announcement after a jury concluded today his death was accidental.

The 48-year-old died after he was stopped by police on Midland Road, Bedford in May 2016.

The Bedford man swallowed a package of drugs while he was being restrained on the ground.

Officers told him to spit it out, before trying to forcibly remove it. When Mr Brunner stopped responding the officers called an ambulance and started CPR.

He was pronounced dead in hospital less than an hour after his arrest.

"We found no indication that any officer acted in a way that would warrant disciplinary proceedings but we did identify that officers did not seem familiar with guidance that people suspected of swallowing packages should be taken for immediate medical treatment.

“We are satisfied that Bedfordshire Police has taken steps to remedy this situation.”

– Sarah Green, IOPC Regional Director