Essex police scheme to stop cycle thefts in Colchester

Discounts are being offered to people for cycle locks. Credit: Essex police

Police in Essex are offering discounts on bike locks to cyclists in Colchester after a rise in the number of stolen bikes.

Since the beginning of August 2017 there have been 111 occasions where a bike has either been stolen or an attempt has been made to steal it.

Essex Pc Rosanna Walker came up with the idea after she noticed that bikes were being taken despite being secured to racks.

"I am hoping the discounts being offered by the stores will encourage cyclists to look at their current locks and decide whether they really will offer the best deterrent to thieves. While there is no guarantee that even the sturdiest of locks will prevent a cycle being stolen if the thief is organised and has the right tools it certainly will help reduce the number of opportunistic thefts.”

– Pc Rosanna Walker, Essex police

Four shops are offering up to 20 per cent discount off any Essex police approved secure locks until Sunday 28th January.

  • Colchester Cycle Stores, St John's Street.
  • Cycle Evolution and Cycle Revolution, Peartree Road.
  • Globe G Sports, Military Road.

There will also be more police patrols in and around the town to put off any possible thieves.