£1.6 million to preserve heritage site in Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire

A unique stretch of land from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire to Gamlingay in Cambridgeshire is benefit from £1.6m of lottery funding.

The Greensands area Credit: ITV Anglia

The Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity is working with organisations such as The Wildlife Trust to preserve and promote the area.

The plan is to complete more than 40 conservation projects by 2021.

"The Greensand Country is an island of really distinctive landscape, it's made up of green sand which makes up the geology. It's a piece of land that stretches from Leighton buzzard to Gamlingay. We've got a million people living in this area and we want them to get to know about it, we want them to value it, we want them to love it and look after it for the future."

– Claire Poulton, Greensand Country Landscape Partnership
A new boardwalk at Flitwick Moor Credit: ITV Anglia

The Greensand Country Partnership has already secured £1.6m of lottery funding.

It's being spent on 42 projects, including a boardwalk at Flitwick Moor in Bedfordshire.

The area is also home to lots of flora and forna, including the Hawker Dragonfly and Common Lizard.

The Greensands area Credit: ITV Anglia

"It was really a huge opportunity for us at the Wildlife Trust to be involved because of all the work we could potentially do. A lot of the work we wanted to do here was sort of aspirational, big restoration projects, big capital improvement projects, which we were not possible to do without the funding and support from the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership project."

– Laura Downton, Wildlife Trust