£10m cuts plan to close libraries as Northamptonshire council hits 'crisis point'

Northamptonshire County Council is set to discuss proposals for another £10m of cuts in a desperate bid to balance its books.

The new plans include scrapping all bus subsidies, cutting highways and trading standards budgets and closing 21 smaller libraries unless community groups run them instead.

The council's cabinet will also consider reducing councillors' allowances and a pay freeze for staff.

It comes after auditors said the original budget proposal was potentially unlawful.

The authority's already agreed to sell off its new 50 million pound headquarters in a bid to stave off the financial crisis which has seen almost all new spending banned.

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“Northamptonshire is at the leading edge of a financial challenge the severity of which local government has never seen before. It is a challenge all top tier authorities will face, but Northamptonshire has reached crisis point now.

“Faced with unprecedented demand for local services, above-average population growth and reducing funding from central government, we are now in a position where we must focus on safeguarding vulnerable people and statutory services."

– Cllr Robin Brown, Northamptonshire County Council