Delving deeper into an historic local landmark

Excavations have begun into the Castle Keep Credit: Norfolk Museums Service

Archaeologists have begun excavating the basement of Norwich Castle to unearth more about it's historic past.

It is part of a £13 million pound project to transform the Castle's iconic Norman Keep.

It's the first major excavation of it's kind on the Castle since the 1990s.

Credit: Norfolk Museums Service

The aim is to shed light on the origins of Norwich's stone Keep, one of the most architecturally sophisticated buildings in northern Europe when it was built at the start of the twelfth century. it will also allow examination of the makeup of the castle mound, which is the largest example of a 'motte' in Britain.

"This is not only the first major excavation within the castle in nearly twenty years, it is by some way the largest ever undertaken here. It represents our best opportunity to resolve some of the fundamental questions about the origin and development of the Norman keep...Given the size of our exciting Keep redevelopment project, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to examine the site and try to understand it".

– John Davies, Project Director