Jail for cruise ship drugs smuggler

Dealer used cruise as cover Credit: National Crime Agency
Drugs found in suitcases Credit: National Crime Agency

A drug dealer from Dunstable who used a Caribbean cruise as cover for smuggling more than two hundred thousand pounds worth of cocaine into the country has been jailed for nine-and-a-half years.

55-year-old Kevin Enright, from Milton Way, had collected the drugs while in St Lucia, but Border Force Officers intercepted him when he docked at Southampton. He had two suitcases with false linings hiding around three kilograms of cocaine.

"Our investigation involved liaison with law enforcement partners in the Caribbean, and through that, we were able to prove that Enright's story was made up. It became clear that he had contacts with others involved in drug trafficking on both sides of the Atlantic. Cocaine fuels violence and exploitation on our streets, and Enright's role was a crucial one in a long criminal chain. That is reflected in the sentence he received."

– Bob Holness, NCA senior officer