Police Federation says assaults on officers up 32% in Norfolk

Andy Symonds – Chair Norfolk Police Federation Credit: Norfolk Police Federation

The Norfolk Police Federation says there's been a 32 per cent rise in assaults on officers compared with the previous year.

It says 515 Norfolk officers were assaulted in 2017/18 - the equivalent of 1/3 of all police officers in Norfolk being assaulted every year.

The Police Federation’s on-going campaign to ‘Protect The Protectors’, is continuing its calls for a change in legislation; tougher sentencing; better training and access to equipment; more accurate data on police assaults; and improved welfare support.

Officer’s families are simply fed up of their loved ones returning home with injuries having been assaulted at work.

I’ve spoken to officers who’ve had to tell their children a different account of how they came about their injuries as they don’t want them to worry or get upset.

Officers are fed up of turning up for duty in an ever demanding job, working hard to protect the community only to be punched, kicked, scratched, head-butted and spat at. Officers want protection in the form of a deterrent from the courts when they sentence offenders.

– Andy Symonds, Chair, Norfolk Police Federation