Vandals 'put lives at risk' after letting down police car tyres in Cambridgeshire

The deflated tyre Credit: Policing March and Chatteris / Facebook

Police say a vandal who let down the tyres of a patrol car in Cambridgeshire stopped them going to help a seriously injured person.

Officers accused the culprit of putting "lives at risk" and are appealing for help to find them.

Police from the March and Chatteris team had been patrolling on foot round Doddington between 3.30pm and 4.30pm on Saturday, May 19.

When they returned to the car at Church Lane, they found the tyre had been deflated.

"Although this may seem funny to some, unfortunately we were unable to respond to help a seriously injured person as a result. This makes the situation much more serious.

"Clearly, we cannot allow this person to put lives at risk again."

– Cambridgeshire Police