Former Suffolk mayor denied British citizenship

Inga Lockington

A former mayor of Ipswich who has lived in the UK since 1979 has been denied British citizenship by the Home Office.

Inga Lockington, who is originally from Denmark, has lived in the UK since her marriage to Dr Tim Lockington, when she said she was granted leave to remain for an indefinite period.

Mrs Lockington moved to Ipswich with her family in the mid 1990s, where she was elected as a Lib Dem borough councillor in 1999 and a Suffolk county councillor in 2001.

She has held these seats ever since, and served as Ipswich mayor for a year from 2007.

Mrs Lockington said she decided to apply for UK citizenship after the Brexit vote in 2016, spending #1,282 to make her application.

The Home Office rejected the application, citing lack of evidence that she was permanently resident in the UK, and have refunded her £80.

I don't want special treatment but I do think that all applicants, including
those from EU citizens, should be treated fairly.

Luckily for me, I have not been told to leave yet - but who knows what will
happen after Brexit? I just want some security and peace of mind.

– Inga Lockington

A Home Office spokesperson said they respect Mrs Lockington's public service and are happy to discuss the various routes to citizenship available to her.