Homes with a sea view attract £68k premium

Home buyers looking for properties with a view of the sea can expect to pay a typical £68,000 premium, according to new research.

Felixstowe, Suffolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

Homes in seaside towns which boast a sea view have a price tag which is £68,632 or 29% higher on average than properties in seaside towns where home owners cannot see the waves from their windows, according to Rightmove.

The analysis looked at all properties for sale under £1 million in seaside towns across mainland Britain, and found that the average asking price for a sea view is £304,702, compared with £236,070 for a home without one.

The highest price premium was found in Felixstowe in Suffolk, where a sea view could attract a 57% premium - meaning buyers could pay over £143,000 more on average.