Going going gone: Norfolk's colourful 'GoGo Hares' bid the county farewell

Colourful hare statues which have been seen across Norfolk over the summer are being removed this weekend.

The Hares were erected in Norwich and around Norfolk for the summer. Credit: ITV Anglia.

50 of the 'Go Go Hare' sculptures were installed in June as part of an annual trail set up by the charity 'Break'. Most of the hares were placed at shops and tourist destinations in Norwich.

They will be auctioned off on 11th October to raise funds for the charity, which looks after vulnerable young people across the east.

They formed part of a trail which you could follow, ticking off hares you spotted as you went along.

They proved a hit for those visiting the city. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The great thing is to see all the people all the families out there on the streets really enjoying going round in getting their ticks in the trail map.

It's just been a fantastic thing for the summer in Norwich and obviously the weather's been so good most of the time we feel there's been such a great community spirit that is this project has engendered and obviously we're raising money for a fantastic cause.

– Mike Hudson, Break