Community rallies round fast food worker attacked by customers

Ben Pearson

A community has rallied round to support a young Subway worker in Newport Pagnell who was beaten up by two teenage customers simply because the loo was out of order.

Twenty one year old Ben Pearson, was kicked unconscious. One of the teenagers was Somalian and the other mixed race.

"When I came round they were still kicking me. I thought they'd never stop. It seemed to go on for ever and there was nothing I could do," he said.

The reason for the outburst of violence was simply because the boys had been told they could not use the Subway toilet because it was out of order," said Ben, who needed hospital treatment.

They attackers were part of a gang of four boys who wandered into Subway at 5pm, tried to sit down without buying anything, then asked to use the loo.

The news of his plight soon spread around Newport Pagnell, where one kind-hearted resident set up a JustGiving fundraising page .

The page had a target of £100 but within a couple of days it had raised more than £500.