Police target van thieves in Leighton Buzzard

Credit: Bedfordshire police

Bedfordshire police has begun an operation to target van thieves in Leighton Buzzard.

Called "Operation Kane", it involves placing trap vehicles in affected communities. The vehicles have items placed inside them, trackers are fitted and everything is fully traceable.

Anyone who tries to steal the vehicle or its contents can be quickly tracked and caught.

Police say the operation has been set up after concerns from the community about thefts from cars and in particular vans.

“We are placing trap vehicles in neighbourhoods within Leighton Buzzard and surrounding rural areas to tackle this crime which can have a crippling effect on victims, costing them thousands and impacting their ability to do their job. We want to send a clear message to the perpetrators. If you are planning to commit a crime and steal a vehicle or anything in it – think twice. Your next target may be one of our traps and police officers are just around the corner."

– PC James Bonney, Community policing officer