RSPCA officer makes midnight dash to collect tarantula - that turns out to be toy!

The tarantula was a plastic toy!

In Westcliff in Essex there was a rather embarrassing case of mistaken identity, when the RSPCA were called to rescue a tarantula in the street.

A concerned local resident made the call to the RSPCA after spotting the ‘big, black, hairy’ tarantula outside their house.

The call came in at 11.30pm and I made it to the scene just after midnight. The caller was walking home when they spotted the tarantula on the street. They said it was as big as their hand, black and hairy with thick legs and orange-coloured stripes.

– Michael Harrington, RSPCA

After rushing to the scene it turned out the tarantula was a plastic toy!

He said: “I must admit, in the dark, it looked quite realistic. But as soon as I got nearer and picked the bowl up it was clear it was a children’s toy! I think the locals were relieved!”