Writer pens song about terminal illness then gets cancer diagnosis himself.

Paul wrote song about terminal illness BEFORE diagnosis Credit: ITV Anglia

A man from Cambridgeshire is hoping a song he wrote about terminal illness BEFORE he was diagnosed will become a charity single.

Paul Fisher who is 50 and from St Ives discovered he had a brain tumour last summer.

He says he has always believed in making the most of every day. And that hasn't changed since his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Six months before he became ill Paul wrote a poem for his wife Jane about the fragility of life

The couple remembered the poem in their worst moments. They asked friends to set it to music, and turned it into the song Destination Unsure Road.

The Song is now on Youtube and Jane and Paul hope it will become a charity single for Macmillan.

The Fishers say they want to raise money - and hope - for the Macmillan Cancer charity because it has given them hope in dark times.