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Two motorists fail to stop after car accidents

A car driver left a 56-year old motorcyclist injured when their vehicles collided while overtaking and yet the car driver failed to stop.

It happened on the A6071 in Longtown on Saturday 24th August at 11.30.

A silver-coloured car overtook a motorcyclist on approach to the junction with the A7 but ended up colliding with the bike.

In a separate incident, a scrambler bike rider failed to stop after a collision in Cleator Moor on the same day at 5.30pm. It happened on the junction of Ennerdale Road and Keir Hardie Avenue.

Cumbria Police is appealing for information to trace the identity of the drivers that failed to stop.

It comes as the emergency services have been raising awareness of problems on our roads today, Sunday 25th August.

The multi-agency open day is the first of its kind and is showing people how the police, fire service and mountain rescue teams respond to accidents.

It's hoped it'll reduce the number of collisions and make our roads safer.


Top model boats sail on Talkin Tarn

Carlisle's Model Boat Club has hosted a fun day to show off some of its member's greatest vessels.

More than sixty models were on display at Talkin Tarn near Brampton, many of them exact replicas of some of the world's most recognisable ships.

People there were given the chance to have a go at sailing some of the radio controlled models, as a way of encouraging new members to join.

"Some people like to build their boats from scratch. That might take them a year or two to complete. Others buy ready to run boats which you can buy from model shops on the internet and just enjoy sailing them, not so much the building. Model boating isn't just about making boats It's about being out here on a nice day with your friends and having some fun."

– Michael Sumner, Chairman, Carlisle Model Boat Club

Harraby Fitness Trail opens in Carlisle

People of all ages and abilities are being encouraged to try out the new Harraby Fitness Trail in Carlisle.

The one kilometre circuit gives people the chance to get fit by having a go at different outdoor gym equipment and activities.

Based next to the Harrraby Community Centre, it's aimed at increasing physical activity in those aged 14 and over.

And you can forget expensive gym memberships, because this one is completely free to use.

"Just different pieces of body weight exercises that people can go around and obviously it's on a nice concrete path so anybody can use it. Disabled can access it, people with prams, buggies and there's a nice park right in the middle of it. You know I've got kids myself and it's right handy to come out here, just have a little jig about, while the kids are in the park you can see them, so we're just trying to promote that because not many people in the area know about it."

– Erika Robinson, Fitness Instructor

Victoria Bridge reopens in Kendal

Work has been ongoing to try to repair Storm Desmond's damage Credit: Cumbria County Council

Kendal's Victoria Bridge has reopened, Cumbria County Council has announced.

The bridge, often referred to locally as Batman Bridge because of its motifs, was badly damaged by Storm Desmond and is still in the process of being fully repaired.

It has closed and reopened a number of times during the works because of heavy rain undermining the bridge's supports.

It's a key part of the town's one-way system and its closure has had a huge knock-on impact on the rest of the road network.

Businesses have welcomed its return.

"Cumbria County Council would like to thank the public for their patience and thank the contractors for working so hard to open the bridge as quickly as possible."

– Spokesperson for Cumbria County Council
The concrete base in the water that the supports go into have huge holes Credit: Cumbria County Council
The road, the main A6 through Kendal, has often had to be closed Credit: ITV News Border


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