REVIEW: The History Boys

The cast of The History Boys Credit: Theatre by the Lake

At the interval a debate raged - do you feel sorry for Hector - the inspirational teacher preparing his students for life but at the same time enjoying their company a little too much - or not.

Personally I decided not.

The audience did, however, seemed agreed on the calibre of the acting. Some of the younger performers were making their stage debut.

Meilir Rhys Williams is particularly superb in the role of Posner. Peter Rylands returns to the theatre in the role of Hector, having the tricky task of conveying a character that takes you back to your own school days but who is as pathetic as he is inspirational. Maria Gough held her own as history teacher Mrs Lintott - the only female member of the cast, carrying the play along. Mitchell hunt and Dakin and Kieran Buckeridge were both well cast in their roles.

This lastest offering from director Ian Forrest addresses important social issues in a teasing and light hearted manner.

The History Boys is based at a Sheffield grammar school. Eight pupils are brushing up on their skills to ensure a place a place at Oxbridge. Teachers, hormones and expectations collide. The revolving stage was simply but effectively done - you wouldn't want anything to distract from the perfectly pitched dialogue on stage.

Sat behind students from Keswick School and next to members of the older generation this play clearly suits all. Different parts tickled different audience members.

The History Boys will take you back to you own school days. A thoroughly enjoyable adaptation.

9/10 Superb