American family trace their Armstrong heritage

American family trace Armstrong clan heritage Credit: ITV Border

In 1972 there was a bit of celebrity star dust in Langholm when perhaps the most famous Armstrong of all, Neil Armstrong, walked among his distant relatives three years after he walked on the moon.

Forty years later, different visitors from the States were there for the same reason and got the same warm reception.

Jan Parrish, her sister Nancy Harveit and her daughter Elizabeth Harveit dropped into the Clan Armstrong Museum in the town.

They were greeted by a traditional piper as well as dignitaries from Langholm.

Elizabeth said: "Irrespective of the fact that our grandmother was an armstrong. It's such a welcoming society.

"We feel that the Scottish people that we've met so far are warm and so friendly such a wonderful group of people. It's very inspiring."

Elizabeth's grandmother Phyllis Armstrong was a famous female basketball player and is a member of the basketball hall of fame in the US.

Her ancestros were part of the Reiver Raiders who terrorised the Border area from the 13th to the middle of the 17th centuries.

But now the only museum dedicated to the Armstrongs is showing its age and might have to be housed in another building

President of the Armstrong Trust, Micheil Armstrong of Mungbyhurst, said: "It once again emphasis the importance of us having a home and unfortunately our home is busy rotting and we are in need of a new home and we are frantically trying to raise money in order to do just that."

Phyllis Armstrong will now be added to the gallery of Armstrongs that are celebrated at the museum.