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Marathon runners burgled

A couple from west Cumbria who ran the London Marathon to celebrate their Golden Wedding have discovered that their house was burgled while they were away.

Chris and Charm Robson decided to run the charity race to raise funds for Alzheimers Research UK to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Instead of presents they asked for donations, some of which were stolen in the burglary on Saturday evening.

Mrs Robson said: "We were very disappointed to hear that we have lost some of our sponsorship money. People have been putting money through our door and that's what has been stolen.

"We can't be sure at this stage how much has gone exactly but we think it will be about £100. Thankfully our home insurance providers have agreed to cover the loss so the charity won't miss out."

Alzheimers Research UK released the following statement: "Chris and Charm are an amazing, selfless couple. Instead of treating themselves for their golden wedding anniversary, they decided to run a marathon to raise desperately needed money for our pioneering dementia research. _

_ “We were devastated to learn they’d been burgled while they were taking part in the Virgin London Marathon. It says a lot that their first concern was the loss of any cash donations for Alzheimer’s Research UK rather than their personal possessions and the violation of their home.

_ _

“We rely entirely on our wonderful supporters like Chris and Charm to fund our world-class research – we hope the culprits of this heartless crime are caught soon.”

The couple both beat their expected times. Charm beat her husband by an hour completing the race in 4hours 45minutes. Chris ran the race in 5hours 44minutes.

More than 37,500 runners took part in 32nd marathon yesterday.

See video below for the interview with Charm and Chris on ITV1's This Morning.