Checks on petrol pumps

Cumbria Trading Standards checking petrol pumps Credit: itv border

Trading Standards in Cumbria are helping motorists to feel certain they are getting a full measure of fuel when they fill up their vehicle.

*Officers have launched a new scheme involving 40 independent petrol retailers. *

*Regular and unannounced accuracy checks on fuel pumps have been taking place across the county to make sure they are delivering the correct volume and charging the right price. *

*Recent months have seen the cost of fuel reach record levels and in certain rural areas of Cumbria petrol and diesel prices are higher than the national average. *

Motoring costs make up a significant proportion of household expenditure and along with rising prices for other consumer goods and services, trading standards say it is more important than ever that consumers receive a fair deal.

One person who has been hit is Lynette McKone who is disabled and lives in rural Shap in Cumbria.

She has had to cut back on many of her other expenditures to pay for her car, which she considers essential.







I've had to get rid of the TV. I've cancelled my Sky subscription which is £20 pounds a month and my television licence which was £12 a month. Because I can't afford to have television and run a car. It's really hard. It's okay politicians saying we want people to use public transport, that's okay if you've got public transport. We haven't and most of the people in this area haven't.

So far Trading Standards have tested pumps at 38 sites and discrepancies have been found at four sites. **

Pumps that are inaccurate are taken out of use until repaired and verified.**

Those that pass get stickers placed next to the fuel counter so that motorists can easily see it.**

Motorists spend a lot of money on fuel each year and with prices at record levels it's more important than ever that they are receiving the correct measure. ** Many drivers don't realise that fuel pumps are regularly tested by Trading Standards and I would encourage motorists to look out for the stickers.**

Testing fuel pumps is one of the many duties undertaken by Trading Standards to ensure consumers and businesses receive value for money. ** We've been working with a number of filling stations across Cumbria who have welcomed this scheme and I would urge others to join this initiative.**