Public consultation into Cumbrian nuclear plans published

Artists impression of what the plant would look like Credit: ITV Border

The results of a public consultation into whether or not a Cumbrian site should be put forward to build a site to store nuclear waste have been published. They show that most people support that sites in Allerdale and Copeland should go to the next stage.

Over 1,200 written entries were submitted and the county's biggest ever telephone survey recorded the opinions of over 3,000 people in Cumbria. ITV Border's Samantha Parker sent this report:

The results for Allerdale showed:

  • 51% support going through to the next stage

  • 37% said no

  • 4% neutral

  • 8% didn't know

The results for Copeland showed:

  • 68% support going through to the next stage

  • 23% opposed

  • 4%neutral

  • 5% don't know

The results for the rest of Cumbria showed:

  • 50% support Allerdale and\or Copeland going through to next stage

  • 35%opposed

  • 5% neutral

  • 10% didn't know

The results of the county wide consultation are being discussed at the annual meeting of the Managing Radioactive Waste Safety Partnership and will be complied into a report to be sent to Allerdale, Copeland and Cumbria County Councils.

Each council will then decide if they want to continue to the next stage to find a suitable location for the nuclear waste site.