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Cumbria police: Appleby Horse fair successful

As the Appleby Horse Fair began to wind down Cumbria police have described it as a success.

The total numberof arrests made during the Fair was 28 which is the lowest number for many years.

Assistant Chief Constable Michelle Skeer said:

“This year’s fair has been great, people were enjoying themselves responsibly and this is reflected in the low number of arrests made.

“The river re-opened yesterday morning with the levels receding significant. The decision to close the river on Saturday was made because of the dangerous condition of the river after heavy rainfall the night before. Everyone co-operated with the decision and were understanding of the reasons for closing the river. People recognised that we were putting their safety and that of the horses first.

“There were no adverse incidents about the river being closed, everyone co-operated and we are grateful for their understanding.”

– Assistant Chief Constable Michelle Skeer

As many visitors begin to leave the Fair, police are focusing their attention on local roads to ensure people can return home safely. With more bow tops and horse drawn vehicles using Cumbrian roads on their journey home, officers are urging people to take extra care, reduce their speed and allow more time for their journeys.

Assistant Chief Constable Michelle Skeer added:

“With many Gypsy and Travellers leaving today in horse drawn vehicles we are highlighting the real need for all road users to be particularly careful and reduce their speed

“Thousands more vehicles will again be using local A and B roads as they start to leave Cumbria so please take this into consideration. Slow down, be patient, pass horses carefully and give them plenty of room.”

– Assistant Chief Constable Michelle Skeer

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