It's the final day of the Olympic Torch's relay through the region, but it shows no sign of flagging on the way. The torch will travel down from Dumfries in the Scottish Borders, and eventually stay overnight in Lake District beauty spot, Bowness-on-Windermere. You can follow the torch's route below, and keep up to date with all of the Torch Relay news here in our news bulletins and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Thursday 21st June

*Dumfries *- It's an early start for the torch as it begins the day's leg of the relay at the Robert Burns statue at 7.52 am, before turning left onto Buccleugh Street (A780). The torch then makes a left turn onto Whitesands (A781), veering onto Bank Street and following onto Loreburn street (A780). It then continues along Annand Road (A780) until it reaches the end of it's appearance in Dumfries.

*Annan *- After travelling in the vehicle convoy, the torch reaches Annan at 8.50 am where it makes its way down the High Street (B721) and follows onto Scotts Street. The torch finishes it's journey through Annan at the end of Scotts Street (B721) where the flame will then be returned to the torch carrying vehicle.

*Eastriggs *- Arriving here at 9.09 am from Annan, the torch continues its route through Eastriggs along Annan Road (B721).

**Gretna - Estimated to arrive in Gretna at 9.29 am after another stint of vehicle travel, the torchbearers will continue to carry the flame down Annan Road (B721) until just before the Glasgow Road roundabout on the B7076.

Carlisle** - Revisiting Carlisle for a second day, the torch arrives at 10.23 am before continuing its journey down Kingstown Road (A7) onto Scotland Road (A7). The torch will then make a right turn at the roundabout onto Castle Way (A595). Travelling down Castle Way, the flame will then follow onto Wigton Road (A595) before finishing for its leg of the relay next by Bower Street.

Wigton - The flame begins its next journey at 11.16 am from King Street (B5302) after a short trip in the vehicle convoy from Carlisle. It then heads down West Street (B5302) before stopping close to Greenacres.

Aspatria - After another journey in the vehicle convoy, the flame is scheduled to run into Aspatria at 11.41 am before continuing down Park Road (A596) onto Lawson Street (A596). The torch will then be carried along Queen Street (A596), through King Street and finish its run of Aspatria after a stretch of West Street (A596).

*Maryport *- Starting just after the junction with the B5300, the torch is estimated to arrive in Maryport at 12.13 pm and continue its route down Curzon Street (A595). The flame will then travel down the Main Road (A595) before being handed over to its next carrier at Whitecroft.

Flimby - Expected to arrive at 12.31 pm, the flame is set to continue down Main Road (A595) through Fothergill onto Station Road. The torch will then finish its journey on Workington Road (A595) before being taken a short distance in the torch vehicle convoy. **

Workington** - The torch will spend lunchtime in Workington, arriving at 13.00 pm. From the New Bridge Road roundabout, the torch will be carried down New Bridge Road before continuing onto Church Street. The flame will then make a left turn onto Falcon Street, and turn left onto Station Road which then becomes Oxford Street (B5297). At the end of Jane Street, the torch will then loop left along Washington Street (a596), round Ramsay Brow and Stainburn Road (A66) before making a u-turn at the roundabout and coming back along the same route. At the end of Washington Street, the runner will cross the roundabout and continue down Harrington Road as it becomes Mossbay Road (B5296), finishing at Salterbeck Road.

Whitehaven - Scheduled to arrive into Whitehaven at 15.11 pm, the flame will loop around New Road and Bransty Row (A5094) before turning left onto George Street. It will then turn right onto Church Street before continuing its journey along Duke Street (A5094). Making a right turn onto Scotch Street and then right onto Lowther Street (A5094), the torch will be ran back along Whitehaven Harbour, where it is expected to arrive at 15.28 pm. From there, the torch will loop back through Bransty Row and New Road, where it finishes it's leg of the journey.**

Cockermouth** - The Torch arrives at 15.50 pm on Low Road (just before Parklands Drive), continuing down Main Street and bearing left onto Castlegate Drive, where it will then be transferred back to the vehicle convoy.

Keswick - 16.30 After travelling through the Lake District National Park in the vehicle convoy, the flame is expected to arrive in Keswick at 16.30 pm. Starting at High Hill (B5289), the torch will then continue its journey down Main Street (A5271) before turning left onto Bank Street. The olympic torch party will then follow the road around to Penrith Road (A5271), before bearing right onto Chestnut Hill (A591) where it finishes its trip through Keswick at Castlerigg Brow. **

Grasmere** - The flame is scheduled to arrive at Grasmere at 17.38 after being transported by the vehicle convoy down through the Lake District National Park. Torchbearers will carry it down the A591 before turning right into Swan Lane, and then Broadgate (B5287). The flame will then turn left onto Parrock Mews, continue down Church Stile and then Stock Lane. Looping back along the A591, the torch will travel down into Ambleside on Rydal Road.

Ambleside - After the torch handover on Rydal Road, the torch arrives in Ambleside at 18.18 pm. The flame will then be ran down Rydal Road (A591), following onto Lake Road. Turning right onto Wansfell Road, torchbearers will bear left onto Borrans Road (A5095) and then south into the Lake District National Park near Lake Windermere, handing directly over to a torchbearer in Bowness-on-Windermere.

*Bowness-on-Windermere *- Making it's last stop of the day's relay, the torch is scheduled to reach Bowness-on-Windermere at 19.46 pm, where it will remain overnight. Starting just off Lake Road (A592), the torch will then bear left onto Glebe Road and be carried down to it's Evening Celebration at The Glebe.

OLYMPIC WEATHER ROUTEIt should be a dry start for the Olympic Torch route, but windy and with some heavy rain forecast and a chance of hill fog. It will be brighter later in the day, but again with some chance of showers.