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The clean up has begun following weekend's flooding

Caravan stranded in flood waters in Keswick Photo: itv news

As the flood waters recede, many people were counting the cost of this weekend's floods.

Near record levels of rainfall saw a month's rain fall in just 24 hours.

In Keswick, a couple from Jarrow in the North East of England came back too late to save their caravan.

Up to 450 people were evacuated after Derwent water burst its banks and submerged the campsite by the lake.

The Keswick Camping and Caravanning Club Site managed to get most people off on Friday after liaising with the Environment Agency at 8:15pm.

But one caravan remains stuck in the middle of what has become a small lake and the owners will have to wait until the waters go down before they can reclaim their possessions.

The site is situated between the Rivers Greta and Derwent and next to Derwent Water and all three flooded at the camp and caravan site.

It tends to flood about two or three times a year according to the site owners.

Meanwhile, Threlkeld Cricket Club has announced that it's not going to be able to play anymore matches on its ground after a culvert spilled tonnes of stones, mud and other debris over the pitch.

The club plays in the Eden Valley Cricket league.

The junior team have already been promised they can use Keswick's ground for matches and the senior team are hoping for similar arrangements.

Residential homes were more fortunate. Only 12 properties have been affected this weekend according to the Environment Agency.

Large-scale flood defence schemes in Carlisle, Keswick and Cockermouth have all been praised for helping protect hundreds of homes from potentially being flooding this time around.