A study by NFU Scotland has found what they call 'worryingly and disappointing level of imported lamb' in some Scottish Supermarkets.

They say in some supermarkets there is more imported lamb on the shelves than lamb from the UK, despite the lamb season throughout the UK being well underway.

In the report NFU Scotland acknowledges that some supermarkets do only stock British or Scottish or a good mixture of both.

Robert Livesey spoke to our report Jenny Longden, he explained that he is disappointed with the supermarkets but does acknowledge that some supermarkets do a good job of stocking British lamb.

The supermarket ASDA has responded to the NFU Scotland claim that the levels of British lamb in some Scottish supermarkets is lower than that of imported lamb. In a statement they said:

"Clearly someone's numbers don't add up here. As it stands more than 80 per cent of our fresh lamb range is sourced from British farmers and we will sell 10% more British sourced lamb this year than in 2011. "As we move further into the British lamb season that figure will only increase. "Our support of the lamb industry in this country is beyond doubt.”

ASDA in Galashiels Credit: ITV Border