Mother prepares for gruelling charity challenge

Dawn Raynor is trying to kayak 13 lakes in 48 hours Credit: ITV Border

A mother of two disabled twin boys is preparing to kayak around 13 lakes in just 48 hours. Dawn Raynor is raising money to open a new respite centre in west Cumbria. Her twin boys Callan and Ethan are 14 years old and both have severe disabilities, learning difficulties, behaviour problems and suffer seizures. Dawn says the nearest respite facilities to their home in Moor Row are 20 miles away and only open three days a week.

Dawn will attempt the challenge in the Lake District on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, alongside her will be kayaker Martin Whitmill, who kayaks with his dog. She's fundraising for the charity, Give us a Break, which hopes to ultimately raise £1 million to build a centre in west Cumbria.

Cumbria County Council told ITV News there has been huge improvements in services for disabled children in the last three years but admits there are still 'gaps'.