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Annan Athletic vs Glasgow Rangers

Annan Athletic vs Glasgow Rangers kicked off at 3pm Photo: ITV Border

Thousands of football fans packed the Galabank Stadium in Annan for their match against Glasgow Rangers.

Over 2,500 tickets were sold, 1,000 of those travelling are Rangers fans. It's the first in Annan Athletic's 70 year history that a game has been sold out. Fans arrived hours before the 3pm kick-off to catch a glimpse of the Rangers players arriving

Annan Athletic fans wait for the arrival of Glasgow Rangers Credit: ITV Border

The game means a record attendance at the Galabank Stadium and total revenues could exceed £45,000.

Annan Athletic warm-up before the game Credit: ITV Border
Glasgow Rangers warm-up before kick-off Credit: ITV Border

ITV News spoke to Annan fans before the game.

Rangers struggled to exert their authority over Annan and at full-time the score was 0-0. It was met with delight by Annan fans and disappointment by Rangers fans.

Dumfries and Galloway police deployed 20 officers in the ground but described both Rangers and Annan fans as "well behaved and in good spirits".

Only one arrest was made, a 49 year old male for possession of alcohol within a football ground.

Several other persons will be reported for other minor offences including sectarian singing and two counts of letting off a smoke flare.

No arrests were made in the town.