A new map of proposed Westminster constituencies for England has been published.

They are revised proposals from those originally put forward last year, in plans to reduce the number of seats across the UK from 650 to 600. Under the arrangements, all constituencies would have beween 72,810 and 80,473 people.

The Boundary Commission for England is proposing a reduction in the number of Cumbrian seats from 6 to 5. However, the Commission has made substantial revisions to its initial proposals.

For example, there was concern last year over plans to combine urban Whitehaven with Lake District towns like Windermere and Ambleside in one constituency. That idea has now been dropped, in favour of a new West Cumbria constituency. It would effectively combine the coastal seats of Copeland and Workington.

Another eight weeks of public consultations now begin; people are being urged to contact the Boundary Commission for England with their views.

The final proposals will go before MPs in the autumn of 2013. However, the Liberal Democrats say they will vote against the changes, after the Conservatives dropped plans for House of Lords reform. As a result, there is no guarantee the new constituencies will be introduced before the next general election.

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