Lucky scarab brings lotto win to Penrith couple

Lottery winners Stephen and Tracy Birkbeck Credit: ITV News

A couple from Penrith are celebrating today after matching five numbers plus the bonus in Saturday’s Lotto draw, scooping a grand total of £369,151.

Stephen Birkbeck believes his win is all down to his lucky scarab beetle which he was given while on holiday in Egypt.

The 43-year-old also revealed he almost forgot to play the Lotto on Saturday and bought his winning ticket just hours before the draw.

Stephen and his wife, Tracy, had been hosting friends at their house on Saturday evening and he checked the numbers on the TV as Tracy was making coffee.

The Lottery winner said it was only when he called Camelot to double check what he was seeing was true that the reality of the news sank in – together with the huge amount of money which he had won.

He also said the couple will continue to turn to their lucky scarab when they put Lottery tickets on in the future.