The families of children who came to South Cumbria fleeing Nazi persecution in Poland have remembered those who died.

300 Jewish children flew to Carlisle and were given a holiday in the Lake District before being re-homed in Jewish communities around the UK.

Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day next week, South Lakeland District Council has shown a film of their arrival in the Lake District.

“This is a hugely important occasion for South Lakes and the Lake District. "SLDC deserves much credit for organising this event as it further cements the relationship that we have with the child Holocaust Survivors who came to stay in the Lakes in 1945. “We have a connection and a location near Windermere that is absolutely unique to the UK and one that is recognised internationally. "The former housing scheme of Calgarth Estate was home to the first Jewish child survivors to arrive from Eastern Europe after the war. "An estimated 1.4 million Jewish children had been murdered in the Holocaust and these three hundred children who came to the Lakes were some of the very, very few children who did survive. “Britain had offered to take one thousand children but not even that number could be found alive.”

300 Jewish children visited the Lakes before being re-homed Credit: ITV News