Family seek justice for Dalbeattie fisherman

Angus Robertson and Megan want justice for Steven Credit: ITV News

Steven Robertson was only 25 when he lost his life on a scallop trawler off the coast of Wales on the 13th of January 2012.

His body was never found but it's thought he fell overboard during the night.

His family have never got over his death. His grandfather Angus Robertson told ITV Border his grief is still hard to bear.

Angus Roberston says he will never forget his grandson Credit: ITV News
Steven never met his daughter Ava Credit: ITV News

Steven's girlfriend Megan was pregnant when he died, their daughter Ava is now a toddler and never met her father.

Both Megan and Angus want answers.

The Maritime Accident Investigation Branch published a report into Steven's death they condemed a number of things about the St Amant that the condition and standard of housekeeping was found to be poor at the time of the accident.

The family know that nothing will bring Steven back. But they do want some form of justice.

Their Dumfries solicitor says action is being pursued on their behalf, but this has to be taken within three years of the accident.