Fewer Road Casualties in Cumbria

Dick Tallontire is on a free driver improvement course Credit: ITV News

Cumbria's Road Safety Partnership says the fall is due to initiatives started in 2000 to improve driving.

'Drive Safer For Longer' is a free course for over 65s. 'Pass Plus Plus' is a partially-funded course for 17 to 24-year olds who have recently passed their driving test.

Fiona Marley Paterson reports.

Dick Tallontire, Driver Improver Credit: ITV News
Driving Instructor Allan Stevenson Credit: ITV News

The number of casualties was a fifth less last year than it was 5 years ago.

The Association of British Drivers says that's because we're all making fewer journeys in these economic times.

For Cumbria Police it's down to their hard work improving our driving.

But there were still 1629 casualties on Cumbria's roads last year - 28 of them fatal.