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Ryan Dollard reflects on the success of the GB curlers

I never did make it to the Figure Skating Arena to watch David King and Stacey Kemp. The dominance of the Women's Curlers meant that while David and Stacey were on the ice I was chained to a desk in the Media Centre frantically rewriting my piece on the day's events to include an account of a World Record breaking performance by the British rink who thrashed their rivals from the USA 12-3 in a match conceded after just six ends.

Incredible stuff really, Anna Sloan, Claire Hamilton and Vicki Adams will be much happier after getting a win under their belts, and their family and friends in Lockerbie and Stranraer will have enjoyed the performance immensely.

Great Britain's Anna Sloan in the Curling Round Robin Session 3 at the Ice Cube Curling Centre during the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games Credit: Mike Egerton/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Lockerbie's David Murdoch led the men to a far more tense 7-6 win over Germany to advance their chances of making the knockout stages.

Stacey Kemp and David King compete during the team short program pairs at the Iceberg Skating Palace Sochi 2014 Credit: Gouhier-Zabulon/ABACA/Press Association Images

I did manage to catch the figure skating out of the corner of my eye on television. David and Stacey may be disappointed with a score of 44.98, and it seemed like a couple of errors cost them dearly.

They finished below the ranking necessary to take them through to the next stage. I still found it an incredible spectacle.

Great Britain's captain David Murdoch (centre) in the Curling Round Robin Session 3 at the Ice Cube Curling Centre Credit: Mike Egerton/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The things the athletes out here can do on ice and snow boggles the brain. How do you find out that you can do these things? I can barely hold myself vertical while I shamble around an ice rink let alone entertain the idea of throwing someone else into the air and trusting myself to catch them.

In studded boots, standing stock still and with someone else to share the load I just about manage to lift the jumpers on my Rugby team in the line out, and even that has hit and miss results.

These guys are amazing. The Skeleton and the Luge are up later this week, that's fairly extreme as well. As for the skiers and snowboarders who throw caution to the wind in some of the freestyle events, I don't know what to say. I know that the risk assessment I had to fill out in order to come out here to type and talk out loud was exhaustive, I can only imagine that there are different rules for these guys.

I won't tell you what I am doing tomorrow as writing a plan in advance seems to be the kiss of death to my ambitions. I have so far promised to tell you what Tima the taxi driver makes of Irish music and what the atmosphere is like in a stadium, man plans and God laughs as my Dad says. I intend to make amends on both scores before my trip is over and pass on my findings.

Mike Egerton/PA Wire/Press Association Images Credit: ITV News
Burger lovers at the Olympics Credit: ITV News

I did find something new today. Before I left the Media Centre I decided to explore the ground floor that has so far been a mystery to me. What a find. There are restaurants, a laundry and dry cleaning service, daily papers in all kinds of languages, and a supermarket. At a push you could live here as long as you could sleep craftily on the sofas in the Press Room and were prepared to brave some surprised looks while trying to improvise the invigorating effects of a shower using a sink in the Gents.

Dry cleaning while you wait Credit: ITV News
Supermarket for everyday consumables Credit: ITV News
Olympic goods store, nice Credit: ITV News

There is a shop as well selling vast stores of Olympic swag of the kind family and friends have requested, some with more subtlety and craft than others, that I bring them back as souvenirs.

This could get expensive.

I will make it into the parks, I will initiate Tima into the world of Shane MacGowan, I also hope to catch up with David and Stacey once they have recovered from their efforts and share their experiences of of the Games with you.

If you have any questions, or you would like me to write about anything particular that is happening out here in Sochi you can e-mail me at or find me on twitter @RyanDollardITV

Australian press packer Patrick Ryan with his collection of pin badges from Sochi 2014. Credit: ITV News
Patrick collected 206 badges at London 2012 and hopes to better his haul here in Russia. Credit: ITV News

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