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ITV Border's Ryan Dollard meets an Olympic champion and misses a Cumbrian feast

Ryan Dollard and Lizzy Yarnold Photo: ITV News Border

Today I met an Olympic Champion. Lizzy Yarnold isn't from the Border area but while I'm here in Sochi I'm grabbing as much as I can for the other ITV regions. My old friend John Bevir also wanted me to get the interview (he used to work at Border and is now in Bristol) and we still miss that boy in the Carlisle office. The Cumbrian meat trade miss him too as he was a keen consumer of good sausage and steak, we always had that in common.

Lizzy was a pleasure to speak to, down to earth, unaffected by success and modest. I'm glad she won the Gold and hope she enjoys the next four years as reigning champ.

Mixed day on the ice for our Curlers. David Murdoch and the boys losing to Canada and the girls beating the Koreans.

The Curling is approaching crunch time and all our competitors are enjoying strong games and will be hoping to come home with medals. Let's hope they keep their form and nerve for the next five days.

It's busy out here on my own. It's not the reporting or the editing or the filming that tires you out though, that's all good. It is carrying all the equipment hither and thither that sends you to bed pooped.

Hod carriers would have saluted me had I seen any on my way out here. At least now my suitcase lives at the hotel.

The international media have been a great source of help and good humour this week. Today I was under the cosh for time and had begun to get flustered, a bit agitated, I was losing my cool.

So heartfelt thanks to the crew from WDSU who came to the rescue. It is their cameraman Jamie Brassard and reporter Sula Kim you have to thank for tonight's TV update. Jamie lent me his great big light and filmed me talking into its brilliant glare while Sula patiently waited despite having plenty to do herself. If either of you guys find yourselves in Carlisle then please look me up. Dinner is on me.

What about Border Bear you may ask? Well don't worry he is having a ball. He has been adopted by the support team at the Media Centre. Nadia and Gerry particularly.

The last I saw him he was watching the Ice Hockey with Nadia. She said he was bringing Russia luck, He must have remembered that we owed Sula and Jamie a favour some time during the shoot out. I don't know where Nadia is taking him later but she says he'll be back tomorrow and she's promised me some pictures of his adventures.

I am now off for a Georgian feast. It is very good and very hard to get in England. I intend to eat great amounts. I only wish Mr Bevir was with me. We were always a team to be feared at a dinner table.

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